A Seasonal Celebration of Filmmaking


The air gets colder. You can feel things moving around you but you cannot catch it with your eyes. How did you get here? Everything looks familiar, yet somehow... distorted. You’ve entered the Kino Zone.


What is the Kino Zone? 

This is an event where films enter and only those of pure soul survive. We believe in the art of cinema and its ability to capture pieces of the human spirit. We want to bring forward those that are best at doing that. If you feel that you’ve applied a piece of you in your film, send it to us and let it be judged by the Kino Zone. Just be wary, the zone has a mind of its own, it can look into the depths of your core and may reveal some truths that you weren’t prepared for.


How is it organized?

The Kino Zone Awards will be a seasonal event where a selection is made every 6 months split into a summer edition and a winter edition. We have made some preparations into organizing physical screening events but the specific details will be released closer to the event date or until there is some form of resolution for the Covid-19 pandemic, if that is earlier.