The Kino Zone Awards (referred to as ‘the event’ below) is an online competition where films are being judged in various categories and winners are selected by the committee.

The event wants to support filmmakers who are passionate about the art in cinema and seeks to give them more exposure and recognition.


A selection will be held every 6 months to form a Summer and Winter editions of the event.

Films must have English subtitles unless it is the spoken language in the film.

We accept films of up to 30 minutes runtime.

Multiple entries from the same submitter are accepted, but a separate submission and a separate entry fee must accompany each entry.

A person can submit multiple films to the event but each film must have a separate entry.

All entry fees are non-refundable.

The decisions of the committee regarding the film selection are final.

Kino Zone Awards reserves its right to change any of the rules without consent or information to contestants.

By submitting, you agree that you own all copyrights and intellectual properties to your work.

All rights such as the music used in the film must be cleared. The film producers are fully responsible for observing those regulations and the event reserves its right to remove a contestant if a violation is found.